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Cults Bible Study

"Faith Shakers: Common Cults"

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Kremer Resources offers over 30 different topical insight, including the cults Bible study, that are excellent for church Bible study, home Bible study, Barnabas groups, and youth groups.  All of these Bible studies are doctrinally sound and have been edited by WELS, ELS, or LCMS pastors and teachers.


Faith Shakers: Common Cults Description

Recommended Ages: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Six

Format: Download

Price: $39.99


The Faith Shakers course includes six sessions devoted especially to the cults that are most familiar to us today. We’ve all met them at the doorstep, and heard of them in the news. But who are they, and what do they have in common. This series begins with an overview definition of what a cult really is. After that, five modern day cults are studied in some detail, including Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Science, Bah’ai, and EST. Each session makes a compelling argument of their errors as found in God’s Word.

Lessons include:

1. What Is a Cult?
2. Mormonism
3. Jehovah's Witnesses
4. Christian Science
5. EST - The Forum
6. Bah'ai


This cults Bible study is available as an instant download. Please note, however, that the download link is only available for seven days from the date of purchase.

Faith Shakers: Common Cults (Download)