Series 300 School Diploma

Series 300 School Diploma

For Public Elementary & Middle Schools

About the Series 300 Public Elementary & Middle School Diploma

The Series 300 Public School diploma can save time, money, and hassles for your school. Diplomas are priced by quantities, so the more you can order the more you will save. With this unique system you will not need to get the student names imprinted by an outside source. New students, misspellings, etc. can be handled quickly and easily in your school office. Here is an economical yet attractive way to go for your junior or senior high school students.


Prior to placing your order, call 855-873-4566.

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Series 300 School Diploma Specs



Public Elementary & Middle Schools




Attractive leatherette cover, preprinted sheets, text CD so you can complete the personalizing.


Closed Size:


5 1/2" x 8 1/2"


Cover Colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Maroon

Covers come with a foiled generic lamp, or we can imprint your school name or logo on the cover. (Logo imprints will be charged for a die.)


Diploma Sheet:

The 8½“ x 11” sheets are customized for your school. We work with you in designing an attractive diploma sheet. The top half includes your school name and or logo in two color printing. The bottom half is left blank. You give us the text for the diploma and we will place it on a disk in Microsoft Word. You simply insert the disk and type in the date of graduation and student names. Sheets are held to the cover with an elastic chord. We always send 20 extra sheets for spoilage.


Elastic Cord:


Available in silver or gold. Price is included in diploma price.


Parts to a Set:

Cover, diploma sheet, chord. (Envelopes must be ordered separately.)


Ordering Series 300 Diplomas

(Prior to placing your order, call 855-873-4566 to speak with a diploma specialist.)


As low as $4.35 per student




Series 300 Diplomas