Series 500 School Diploma

Series 500 School Diploma

For Public or Parochial Middle Schools & High Schools

About the Series 500 Middle School & High School Diploma

The new Series 500 Middle and High School diploma is our top line diploma. It provides the professional look your school wants others to notice, while providing your students with a beautiful keepsake. Once again you will save since this item may be purchased in larger quantities. You personalize the student names and dates right in your school office.


Prior to ordering, call 855-873-4566 to speak with a diploma specialist.

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Series 500 School Diploma Specs



Middle & High Schools




Covers are of soft vinyl having a padded look. Diploma sheets insert into a crystal clear protector. Sheets are personalized to your specifications and colors.


Closed Size:


5¾” x 8¾” Diploma sheets measure 5½” x 8½”


Cover Colors:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

Covers are made of beautifully soft Castillian Vinyl. Covers are imprinted with school name (Old English in silver or gold foil). The inside of cover matches outside color. The white diploma sheet fits snuggly into a crystal clear sheet protector pocket. (This protector is guaranteed not to lift ink off of diploma page.)


Diploma Sheet:

The diploma sheets can be artistically designed to fit your tastes and needs. There is no additional cost for artwork. We will print school logo and or name in two-color leaving the remainder of the sheet blank. You will be provided with a diploma text in Microsoft Word that the diplomas can be personalized right on your campus. (NOTE: Since the completed diploma sheet size is 5 ½” x 8 ½”, we provide the artwork on an 8 ½” x 11” perforated sheet. This will assure accuracy in your computer printer.) You will receive extra blank diploma sheets to cover spoilage.


Parts to a Set:

Diploma cover, insert sheet. (Envelopes must be purchased separately.)


Ordering Series 500 Diplomas

(Prior to placing your order, call 855-873-4566 to speak with a diploma specialist.)


As low as $7.30 per student




Series 500 Diploma