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19 New Musicals Released

We have added nearly 20 new musicals to the "School Musical" section of our website. This includes quite a few secular and religious Christmas selections. Check out the new listings from our email ad at the link above. more »


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Vacation Bible School Sale - 20% OFF through February 28, 2014

Vacation Bible School Sale - 20% OFF all Vacation Bible School download courses through February 28.  This includes all five of the new "One Day Vacation Bible School" Bible camp courses.  For details, checkout:… more »


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7 School Musicals Added - Check Out Christmas School Musicals

SECULAR: GENERAL THEME "Gilbert & Sullivan Rock" Middle/Upper Elementary Length: 30 Minutes Visit web page > "At the Bandstand" Middle/Upper Elementary Length: 35 Minutes Visit web page > SECULAR: CHRIS… more »


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New Additions - Doctor Doolittle, Jr. Musical & Annie Kid's Collection Musical

We have just added two more popular large Broadway musicals for Elementary schools - the Doctor Doolittle, Jr. and Annie Kid's Collection musicals. For more information or to order, please click on the images below:   more »


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Talent Show Vacation Bible School

The 2013 Vacation Bible School theme for Kremer's reproducible VBS program is "A Tiny Bit O Talent".  As with all Kremer VBS programs, there are lessons ranging from preschool through adult. This means that the VBS program can be used for a standard V… more »

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