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It's Time For Amish Weddings

Did you know that the Amish usually get married in the late fall? That's because spring planting, summer chores, and early fall harvest is far too busy to take time out for wedding festivities. So the young Amish men and women have to wait to tie the knot.

Amish weddings usually take place on a Tuesday or Thursday. That way it will not disrupt the weekend worship and there is plenty of time to prepare and clean up.

The Amish wedding service takes the usual three hours and is held in the house or shed of the young woman. The wedding takes place without any flowers, organ, soloist, wedding dress or lace, photographs, or rings (since no jewelry is ever permitted.) The young lady will be dressed in her dark colors that signify a married woman. The young man will perhaps wear new pants, vest and coat, and he can now begin to grow a beard, the sign of all married Old Order Amish men.

The dinner is a festive time, attended by as many as 400 guests. The meal must be served in shifts, catering to the eldest first. The new bride and groom will be seated in the corner of the tables. Often their Newehockers (attendants) will sit near by.

The meal may consist of chicken and stuffing, creamed celery, mashed potatoes and gravy, and lots of wonderful pies, puddings and cakes.

The celebration winds down about 10 PM. After all, there are chores to do once again at 4:00 the next morning.

If you would like to read more about the Amish ways, please take a look at the new book: Driving the Back Roads: the Amish . . .In the World but Not of It by Reynold Kremer. You can order it at

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Custom Public School Diplomas


Visit our brand new site: for details on Kremer Publications diplomas.

We will format the diploma document wording to your specifications and place it on a disk in Microsoft WORD. (There is NO added cost for this service!) At graduation time you simply insert the disk, load up your printer with the diploma sheets, enter the new graduation date, and type in one student name after another. Every diploma is personalized at your school!

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Large Broadway Musicals


Kremer Publications has recently added Broadway and Disney musicals rewritten for grades K-9. These are tremendous educational musicals that will help children produce an actual theater production.

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Custom Parochial School Diplomas


Kremer's custom diplomas come in three styles for private and parochial schools.

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