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Outstanding Vacation Bible School Video

Many thanks and God's blessings upon the congregation that posted this video through a useful outreach tool - YouTube.

This 2006 Vacation Bible School Eagle Express video is a testament to the dedication of the volunteers that made this possible and the annual VBS production staff at Kremer Publications in Butler, Wisconsin.

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An Amish Did You Know?


Did you know that the Amish trace their roots directly back to Martin Luther and the Reformation?

Did you know that Old Order Mennonites (who dress like the Amish) can drive cars but Old Order Amish cannot?

Did you know that William Penn was directly responsible for the Amish coming over to Pennsylvania, and that's why there are so many in Lancaster County?

Did you know that about the only instrument Amish kids are allowed to play is the harmonica?

Did you know that Amish only hold worship services every other week?

Did you know that Amish rules even dictate the size of the man's hat brim?

Did you know that the Amish do not recognize divorce?

Did you know that Amish women are often buried in the same dress they wore to their wedding?

NOW, do you know why the Amish can have a phone at the end of their driveway but not in their homes?  Do you know why the Amish can ride in cars but not own one or drive one?  Do you know why the Amish can use generated electricity but not public electricity?

You can find a wealth of information in Reynold Kremer's book, DRIVING THE BACK ROADS: The Amish . . .in the world but not of it.  This fascinating book will take you down the back roads and give a you a detailed account of the history, heritage and religion of the Amish people.  You can purchase a copy at

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School Musical Store


Looking for a great elementary school musical - ROYALTY FREE?  Kremer is now one of the largest school musical stores in the country with well over 200 musicals to choose from.  You can find major productions as well as short medleys, religious musicals and secular ones.

Spend some time looking through our detailed catalog at

AND if you are really interested, send us your e-mail address and we will add you to our list of teachers and directors who want to be let in on the latest musical titles as soon as they hit our web site.  There's no obligation whatsoever, Kremer will simply send you an e-mail whenever new musicals are added to the site.  That way you can get ahead of the public in requesting a listening sample. 

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The End Times Bible Class Topical Insights Course


Every Christian knows about death, the judgment, resurrection, heaven and hell, OR DO THEY?  Kremer Publications has just produced a new Bible Class course designed to anser questions every Christian has asked.  Each of the six sessions addresses what the Bible says about the second coming, the resurrection, signs of the end times, the Book of Life, what the Bible tells us about heaven and hell, the judgment, the angels place in the last day, the hope of the believer, saying good-bye to a loved one, and more.

Authors Rev. George Ferch (WELS) and Reynold Kremer have written the course in a unique way, allowing God's Word to answer the questions with over 200 proof passages.

You can view one of the lessons here.  Your church members will be blessed!

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