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Birthday Party for Jesus


Kids love to attend a church birthday party for Jesus.  This idea is becoming more popular each year.  Many churches conduct one during Sunday School, and others plan a special Saturday morning to invite the neighborhood kids over (and let their parents use the time for shopping and wrapping gifts.)

How about a manual that will provide you with three and a half hours of fun including a DVD showing, skit, songs, crafts, games, snacks, and much more? 

Kremer Resources has designed a remarkably thorough birthday party for Jesus manual titled The Birthday of a King.

Why not check it out at by clicking the link above.  (The manual even comes with the movie DVD!)

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Church Community Outreach


Churches are always searching for new and successful ways to reach out to the community with their message.  One idea that is gaining in momentum is a festival held on the church grounds.  Churches invite the community to share in fun and food for a few hours of "non-threatening" fellowship with the church members.  The idea is great, but how does a church begin to tackle such a job?

Kremer has the answer!  We have designed a how-to manual dealing specifically with a one day outdoor outreach event.  This manual covers everything a congregation will need to consider to present a successful festival.  IN FACT, there are two such manuals now available.  Each is built around a theme.  The manual includes suggestions for entertainment, food, sound systems, staging, advertising, property design, craft ideas, games, and much more. 

The two themes will draw on your community.  They are AN OLD-FASHIONED COUNTRY FEST, which includes an old-fashioned outdoor country church service, bobbing for apples, pie contests, dunk tank, box lunch . . ., and WALK WITH THE ANIMALS with pony rides, skits and puppet shows, animal presentations, etc.  Each program is dealt with in a 13 chapter reproducible manual on CD.

You can print out a FREE copy of the first two chapters by clicking the links below:

"Country Fest"

"Walk With the Animals"

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2008 Vacation Bible School Released


View all eight of Kremer's uniquely reproducible and reusable Vacation Bible School programs in King James and New International Version (KJV &amp; NIV)including 2008's Bible Discovery Museum.

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Kremer Publications Musical Library


Hundreds of Play-in-the-box, Christmas, Easter, General, Patriotic, Religious, Secular, and Revue/Medley musicals.

Kremer Publications has a unique Musical Preview program in effect. Pay just $10 and return shipment to preview up to three musicals before purchasing!

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