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It's Time For Amish Weddings

Did you know that the Amish usually get married in the late fall? That's because spring planting, summer chores, and early fall harvest is far too busy to take time out for wedding festivities. So the young Amish men and women have to wait to tie the kno… more »
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Custom Public School Diplomas

Visit our brand new site: for details on Kremer Publications diplomas.We will format the diploma document wording to your specifications and place it on a disk in Microsoft WORD. (There is NO added cost for this service!) At graduatio… more »
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Large Broadway Musicals

Kremer Publications has recently added Broadway and Disney musicals rewritten for grades K-9. These are tremendous educational musicals that will help children produce an actual theater production. more »
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Custom Parochial School Diplomas

Kremer's custom diplomas come in three styles for private and parochial schools. more »
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Reproducible Christmas Church Service Programs

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Kremer is a church & school resource center that provides high quality printed products, school musicals, Christmas programs, certificates, diplomas, outreach programs, Vacation Bible School (VBS), and much more!


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