About Kremer Childrens Christmas Service Programs

Thank you for considering a Kremer childrens Christmas service for your church or school. Becuase this childrens Christmas service is fully reproducible, we cannot provide sample pages of the entire program.  We have, however, included the opening introduction page, plus the first and last parts of each Christmas service. This should give you a good idea of the service structure.


Each childrens Christmas service comes with:

  • Reproducible Teacher/Student Score sent to you via the Internet.  (Both scores are formatted in PDF - the Student Score is also in Word format.) 
  • Sing-Along/Accompaniment music sent via the internet as an MP3. (You will need proper software to change the internet MP3 versions into a listening CD.)
Childrens Christmas Services Theme Song  View a Sample of a Kremer Childrens Christmas Service

"His Name is Jesus" Childrens Christmas Service Description

Grades: K-9

Length: 50 Minutes

Group Size: Any


What’s in a name? Today many children are named simply because the parents like the sound of a name or because the name is popular. In Bible times, names were chosen because of their meaning. Such was the case with Jesus. He is known in the Bible by over 40 names, each telling a different part of the story of his love and work for us. In this Christmas worship service, we will take a close look at several of those names as we discover the significance they played in our salvation. We will close the childrens Christmas service with his given name: JESUS.


Part 1: WAITING FOR JESUS {Immanuel / Messiah / Branch}
Part 2: JESUS, A SON {Son of God / Son of David / Son of the Most high}
Part 3: THE BIRTH OF JESUS {Word / Lamb / Prince of Peace}
Part 4: THE MISSION OF JESUS {Savior / Shepherd / Redeemer}
Part 5: THE PROMISES OF JESUS {Alpha and Omega / Lord of All / King / JESUS}


  • VISUAL – Five banner templates included that spell out the name JESUS when placed side by side
  • SONGS – Four songs plus reprise of theme song at end with sheet music
  • CD – All children’s songs on sing-along/accompaniment CD
  • Christmas Sheet Music

    INTERNET-SENT PROGRAM (Avoid Shipping and Handling Charges)

    **Not Recommended for Dial-Up Modems
    **Music is MP3 formatted

    Reproducible Teacher/Student Score (Word/PDF) - 4 MB



    Sing Along/Accompaniment Music (MP3 Format) - 57 MB



    Combination of the Above Two Items - 61 MB