About Kremer Childrens Christmas Worship Service Programs

Thank you for considering Kremer's Christmas worship services for your church or school. Becuase this childrens Christmas worship service is fully reproducible, we cannot provide sample pages of the entire program.  We have, however, included the opening introduction page, plus the first and last parts of each Christmas service. This should give you a good idea of the service structure.


Each childrens Christmas service comes with:

  • Reproducible Teacher/Student Score sent to you via the Internet.  (Both scores are formatted in PDF - the Student Score is also in Word format.) 
  • Sing-Along/Accompaniment music sent via the internet as an MP3. (You will need proper software to change the internet MP3 versions into a listening CD.)
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"The Real Story of the Twelve Days of Christmas" Worship Service Description

Grades: K-9

Length: 50 Minutes

Group Size: Any


Who would have thought that there was any connection between the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and a Christian Christmas worship service? How could a song with supposed nonsensical words have anything to do with the birth of Jesus? But such is truly the case! Sadly, the dust of many, many Christmases has covered the original meaning of this song, a meaning seated deeply in the teachings of the Christian Church. The significance of this song carries with it some startling truths. It includes such teachings as the four Gospels, the five books of Moses, the eleven apostles, the nine fruits of the Spirit, the Ten Commandments, the eight Beatitudes, the six days of creation, and more. Once the listener discovers that the twelve days of Christmas are in no way days leading up to Christmas, but rather the twelve days between Christmas and Epiphany, the symbolism begins to take shape. (It is true that some discount the story behind the song.)

  • SONGS – Song suggestions are included.
  • CD – No
  • Christmas Sheet Music

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