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"Wisdom: A Gift to God's People"Free Sample Group Bible Study Samples

About Kremer Group Bible Study Programs

Kremer Resources offers over 30 different topical insight church Bible study classes that are excellent for church Bible study, home Bible study, Barnabas groups, and youth groups.  All of these Bible studies are doctrinally sound and have been edited by WELS, ELS, or LCMS pastors and teachers.  The lessons can be ordered on CD-ROM or via immediate download.


Wisdom: A Gift to God's People Description

Recommended Ages: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Six

Format: Download

Price: $39.99


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In the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon, the Lord repeatedly offers his people the recipe for finding true wisdom. Contrary to the fancies of this world, wisdom is not found in books or classrooms, at the feet of professors or in the hard drives of computers. At best these can only impart superficial knowledge. However, in the pages of his Word, the Lord presents his people with the gift of true wisdom, wisdom necessary to navigate through this life and attain the joys of heaven.


This six session study provides insight into the Wisdom Literature of the Bible — with special emphasis on the book of Proverbs, a remarkable collection of gems that provide practical advice for daily living.


Church Bible study lessons include:
1. What is Wisdom?

2. Solomon: A Man of Wisdom

3. What is a Proverb and Introduction to the Book of Proverbs

4. Proverbs for Marriage, Parents and Children

5. Proverbs for Personal Finance, Business and Commerce

6. Proverbs for Governing and Citizenship, and Lifestyle



This church Bible study is available as an instant download. Please note, however, that the download link is only available for seven days from the date of purchase.

Wisdom: A Gift to God's People (Download Version)