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Bible Study Classes on "The Bible"

"I Am the Lord; That Is My Name"

Age: Junior High-Adult

Number of Names Covered: 20 (Each name covers 2 pages)


Without the ability for most of us to understand Hebrew, there are many beautiful and expressive Old Testament names of God that go unnoticed. To the Sunday worshiper, we usually think of God with two names: “God” and “Lord.” And few know the difference between them. In this study, “I Am the Lord, That Is My Name,” your class will be introduced to many of the wonderful Old Testament names of God. Each session will show us the awesome love that God presents through his names. Each name will provide another dimension to strengthen our relationship and bring us closer to the Lord.


Names include:

El Adonai

Jehovah Rohi
Jehovah Nissi

Jehovah Jireh

El Deah
El Roi

El Olam
more . . .



"Egypt to Canaan: The Longest 40 Years"

Age: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Six


This Bible study follows God’s chosen people as they undertake the longest journey in history. What began as the trip of a lifetime soon became the trip that lasted a lifetime. This six session course provides insight into God’s plans, providence, and patience during the Israelites’ return to the Promised Land. Over 35 pages tell of the trials and triumphs from the plagues to the Red Sea, and from Mount Sinai to Jericho. This series also provides lasting lessons for ourselves. Includes charts, maps and insightful discussion topics.


Lessons include:

Session 1: Moses and Others
Session 2: The Plagues
Session 3: The Journey Begins
Session 4: Mount Sinai
Session 5: Mount Sinai to Canaan
Session 6: Home!




"Wisdom: A Gift to God's People"

Age: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Six


This study provides insight into the Wisdom Literature of the Bible — with special emphasis on the book of Proverbs, a remarkable collection of gems that provide practical advice for daily living.


Lessons include:

1. What is Wisdom?
2. Solomon: A Man of Wisdom
3. What is a Proverb and Introduction to the Book of Proverbs
4. Proverbs for Marriage, Parents and Children
5. Proverbs for Personal Finance, Business and Commerce
6. Proverbs for Governing and Citizenship, and Lifestyle



"Apostles of Jesus Christ-
Men on a Mission Bible Study "

Age: Junior High-Adult


This Apostles of Jesus Christ group Bible study takes a fascinating look into the personalities, words, and lives of the twelve apostles.  From their calling into the ministry, to their time spent with Jesus, to their spreading of the Gospel for the infant Christian church, this study provides insight into the weaknesses and failures of these men, as well as the strength, perseverance, and faithfulness they found in the power of the Holy Spirit.



"Angels: The Bible Speaks"

Age: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Four


An discussion about the angels of the Bible.

These Bible study sessions discuss:
1. God's Amazing Creatures
2. What are They Like?
3. Angels Serve
4. More About Angels



"Bible Class Assortment" SOLD OUT

Age: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Twelve


These 12 exciting stand-alone group Bible class sessions, or teen Bible studies, are great ways to fill in those unexpected gaps.  They include interesting topics as well as fun group trivia.

1. Name the Bible Story
2. What Is a Cult?
3. The “I AMS” of Jesus
4. The Genealogy of Jesus
5. The Christian’s Role in Government
6. Bible Firsts
7. Islam: God & Allah
8. Is It in the Bible: Bible Cliches
9. The Canon
10. Bible Lists
11. What Is the Occult?
12. Bible Study: A Daily Planner



"Bible Introduction"

Age: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Six


This Bible study course is great for confirmation instruction class, youth bible study, new church members, or as a refresher for your congregation.

Lessons include:
1. What is the Bible, When Was it Written?
2. Inspiration and Languages
3. Divisions and Doctrines
4. Versions and Bible How-To's
5. Overview of Old Testament Books
6. Overview of New Testament Books



"Portraits of Christmas"

Age: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Four


This four sessions work well during Advent.  The lessons presents in an informative and insightful manner the people, places, politics, prophecies, and plans God used when the “time had fully come.”  Each Bible class lesson is four pages in length and includes maps, charts, and colored photos.

The lessons include:
Portrait 1: The People, Politics, and Dating Christmas

Portrait 2: The Prophets and Policies

Portrait 3: The Places and the Pieces

Portrait 4: The Silent Years Before the Birth, The Circumcision and Presentation, The Star



"Portraits of Easter"

Age: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Four


These four sessions are ideal during Lent as they present the details of Holy Week, the Crucifixion, and Easter.  This course provides interesting insights that help explain the path of a loving God as it unfolds into the greatest event that ever took place.  Each lesson is four pages with maps, charts, photos, etc.

Bible study lessons include:
Portrait 1: Preparing for the Passion, Chronology of Holy Week, The Town of Bethany

Portrait 2: The Sanhedrin and Roman Rule, The People that Enter the Passion Story

Portrait 3: The Places Jesus Was Taken, The Cross and The Grave

Portrait 4: Old Testament Prophecies of Easter, False Resurrection Theories



"Portraits of Christmas & Easter Combo"

Age: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Eight


This program is a combination of the"Portraits of Christmas" and "Portraits of Easter" Bible studies.




Age: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: 13 chapters of varying lengths / 45 pages / Bible references are printed out


Written from a Lutheran perspective...


“Glorified!” provides hundreds of Bible passages related to eternity and the glory that awaits us, gathered by topic and supplemented with summary statements. A careful study of “Glorified!” will not only instruct but also comfort participants in the marvelous love and forgiveness of the Savior. Rev. Robert W. Pasbrig


Group Bible class lessons include:

1. “When will this happen and what will be the sign?” Matt. 24:3
2. “I am the resurrection and the life” John 10:25
3. “Man is destined to die once, and after that the judgment” Heb. 9:27
4. “Where, O death, is your victory?” 1 Cor. 15:55
5. “We wait for the blesses hope” Titus 2:13
6. “A time to weep . . . a time to mourn” Eccl. 3:4
7. “He will send his angels” Matt. 24:31
8. “They will gather his elect from the four winds” Matt. 24:31
9. “The realm of death” Deut. 32:22
10. “Where their worm does not die, and the fire is not quenched” Mark 9:48
11. “Heaven is my throne” Is. 66:1
12. “They will see God” Matt. 5:8
13. “And [he] showed me the Holy City” Rev. 21:10




"Where They Walked"

Age: Youth & Adult

Number of Lessons: Six


A fascinating study that will take your Bible class to the land of Israel.  Pastor Eugene Kock, leader of numerous trips to the Holy Land, shares his knowledge in the historical and biblical significance of six key cities, as well as recent archeological discoveries and what the sites are like today.

Courses come with an introductory 4-minute slide show DVD introducing each lesson.

Bible study lessons Include:

  • JERICHO: The Oldest City on Earth
  • BETHLEHEM: Town of Ruth, David, and a Special Birth
  • NAZARETH: Where Jesus Proclaimed His Mission
  • CAPERNAUM: The City Jesus Called Home
  • JERUSALEM: The site of Jesus' Passion
  • CAESAREA: A City of the Early Christians




"Getting to Know (and use) Your Bible"

Age: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Ten


The Bible Refresher course presents interesting background and educational information about the Word of God. Each session averages four pages and includes class discussion questions.

Bible study lessons include:
1. Inspiration
2. The Canon
3. Old Testament Review
4. The Psalms
5. The Proverbs
6. The Gospels
7. The Epistles
8. False Holy Books
9. Bible Study
10. God's Word in the Home



"In God's Time"

Age: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Seven


In God’s Time includes seven stand-alone studies that provide insight into various “times” relating to Scripture. Each lesson is designed to help students get a clearer picture of how time relates to HIS-story.

Bible study lessons include:

1. What is time?

2. Old Testament Times

3. To Everything There is a Time

4. 400 Silent Years

5. The Geneology of Jesus Christ

6. How Did Jesus Use His Time on Earth?

7. Chronology of Holy Week