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Evolution Bible Study

"Evolution: My Marvelous Body"

Free Sample Evolution Bible Study SamplesAbout Kremer's Evolution Bible Study Program Series (3 Parts)

Kremer Resources offers over 30 different topical insights, including the evolution Bible study series, that are excellent for church Bible study, home Bible study, Barnabas groups, and youth groups.  All of these Bible studies are doctrinally sound and have been edited by WELS, ELS, or LCMS pastors and teachers.


Evolution: My Marvelous Body Description

Recommended Ages: Junior High-Adult

Number of Lessons: Six

Format: Download

Price: $39.99


Have you ever wondered just how marvelous our bodies really are? This set of six lessons on evolution focuses especially on the wonders of human life, beginning with an awesome account of the odds of our bodies coming about by mere chance. Other sessions look at our organs and bodily structure, the impossibility of ape-like ancestors, and Satan’s devious ways of forcing his beliefs on unsuspecting people.

1. What are the Odds?
2. The Perfect Machine-Our Bodies
3. Ape-Like Ancestors
4. The Devil's Disguise
5. Humanism and Evolution
6. No Time to Despair


This evolution Bible study is available as an instant download. Please note, however, that the download link is only available for seven days from the date of purchase.

Evolution: My Marvelous Body (Download)