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The End Times Bible Class Topical Insights Course


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The End Times Bible Class Topical Insights Course

Every Christian knows about death, the judgment, resurrection, heaven and hell, OR DO THEY?  Kremer Publications has just produced a new Bible Class course designed to anser questions every Christian has asked.  Each of the six sessions addresses what the Bible says about the second coming, the resurrection, signs of the end times, the Book of Life, what the Bible tells us about heaven and hell, the judgment, the angels place in the last day, the hope of the believer, saying good-bye to a loved one, and more.

Authors Rev. George Ferch (WELS) and Reynold Kremer have written the course in a unique way, allowing God's Word to answer the questions with over 200 proof passages.

You can view one of the lessons here.  Your church members will be blessed!

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