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The End Times Bible Class Topical Insights Course

Every Christian knows about death, the judgment, resurrection, heaven and hell, OR DO THEY?  Kremer Publications has just produced a new Bible Class course designed to anser questions every Christian has asked.  Each of the six sessions addresses what th… more »
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Birthday Party for Jesus

Kids love to attend a church birthday party for Jesus.  This idea is becoming more popular each year.  Many churches conduct one during Sunday School, and others plan a special Saturday morning to invite the neighborhood kids over (and let their parents… more »
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Church Community Outreach

Churches are always searching for new and successful ways to reach out to the community with their message.  One idea that is gaining in momentum is a festival held on the church grounds.  Churches invite the community to share in fun and food for a few… more »
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Kremer Publications Logo Design

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2008 Vacation Bible School Released

View all eight of Kremer's uniquely reproducible and reusable Vacation Bible School programs in King James and New International Version (KJV &amp; NIV)including 2008's Bible Discovery Museum. more »

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