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Lutheran Childrens Christmas Worship Service


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Lutheran Childrens Christmas Worship Service

"The Very First Christmas"

childrens Christmas worship service

The 2010 childrens Christmas worship service includes pre-service Christmas sing-a-long sheets narrated by a PowerPoint presentation, a Christmas church banner pattern, and Advent service outlines.

The Christmas worship PowerPoint presentation shows rare photographs of Lutheran churches that were decorated for Christmas dating to the late 1800s and early 1900s. The childrens 2010 Christmas worship service PowerPoint disc is included with your order of Christmas song sheets.

Kremer Publications Christmas program is ideal for Lutheran WELS Christmas services, LCMS Christmas services, ELS Christmas services, and ELCA Christmas services.

The Lutheran 2010 childrens worship service, "The Very First Christmas", is divided into the following segments and Christmas songs:

Part 1: The Very First Christmas Chapel and Congregation We journey back to the lonely stable where the Savior of all was born.
Songs by children: Gott Ist Die Liebe (God Loves Me Dearly) and Manger Song

Part 2: The Very First Christmas Choir

We travel to the fields near Bethlehem where we hear the first choir of angels sing the first Christmas carol.
Song by children and congregation: Little Children, Can You Tell

Part 3: The Very First Christmas Visitor

The shepherds hurried to the stable to find their newborn Savior.

Part 4: The Very First Christmas Sermon

The shepherds are the first to share the beautiful Gospel message.
Song by children: In the Little Village of Bethlehem

Part 5: The Very First Christmas Offerings

We include the visit of the Magi who offered their very best to their King.
Song by children: I Wish I Could Have Been There
Song by children and congregation: Stille Nacht

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