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Free 2013 Vacation Bible School Preview


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2013 Vacation Bible School with Free VBS Preview!

  • Has your congregation considered cutting the traditional Vacation Bible School programs because the cost of the preview kit and VBS program is too costly?
  • Is it getting more difficult to find a VBS program that utilizes King James version Scripture passages?
  • Would you like a Vacation Bible School program that you can shelve and use again several years from now?

If you can answer yes to any of the above questions, then the Kremer Publications line of thirteen Vacation Bible School courses is right up your alley.  New this year, we have released a Talent Show Vacation Bible School program - "Tiny Bit-o-Talent".

Here are some of the benefits of Kremer VBS courses:

  • Both King James and NIV Scripture based lessons included
  • Thirteen different courses.
  • True to the Word of God! Stories are written to effectively teach a law/gospel lesson truth.
  • All material is written by reliable, degreed Christian educators!
  • Compare costs with any major 2013 Vacation Bible School publisher and see the saving - under $150.00 total!
  • Bring it back to life years from now!
  • Order either a shipped CD-ROM disc or download all of the program information immediately.
  • Theme songs with accompaniment music included.
  • Tons of graphics for advertising, t-shirt, iron-ons, and more!

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