Noah's Ark VBS Program
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Noah's Ark VBS - "Let's Build an Ark" Vacation Bible School

“By faith Noah . . . built an ark to save his family.” Hebrews 11:7

The Noah's Ark VBS Program Theme

Most children have at least a passing idea of the story of Noah’s ark. It’s often presented as a fun Bible story, and you can’t miss the cutesy, round ark with the giraffe’s head poking out the roof on wallpaper, light switches, games and toys. Sadly, many children have little or no concept of the truths behind the real story. The purpose of this Noah's ark VBS program is to give the children a true account of this story, along with five other parallel Noah's ark VBS stories that reinforce the Bible truths of the flood account. Children will also enjoy the opening Noah's ark VBS devotion presentations by members of Noah’s family.

The Noah's ark VBS course is priced higher than the other courses because it includes a 6-foot model of the ark that the students build. This course also highlights a special Noah's ark VBS musical that the students learn throughout the week in place of songs. This makes an ideal parent or church presentation after the school has completed.

Noah’s presentation: God was just in destroying the world with a flood.
Classroom story: God was just in Achan’s judgment at Jericho.

Shem, Ham, and Japheth’s presentation: God was good to Noah and his family.
Classroom story: God was good to baby Moses and his family.

Noah’s wife’s presentation: God showed Noah how to build an ark to save his family and the animals. Classroom story:God showed Moses how to build a bronze snake to deliver God’s people.

Noah’s presentation: God cared for Noah and his family while in the ark.
Classroom story: God cared for Elijah during a famine.

Noah's Presentation: The Rainbow Promise
Classroom Story: The Ascension Promise

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Noah's Ark VBS Program Details

As with all Kremer VBS programs, there are lessons ranging from preschool through adult. This means that the Noah's ark VBS program can be used for a standard Vacation Bible School or an evening Family Bible Week. The lessons have been specially written to present the children with the pure message of law and gospel.  With the purchase of the program you will receive all lessons in black/white and color. There are also duplicate lessons based on either the King James Version or New International Version (1984). 

2013 Vacation Bible School

The Let's Build an Ark Vacation Bible School program is entirely reproducible. This means that all Noah's ark VBS materials on the disc can be printed, duplicated, and used as often as you wish.  The only restriction is that the programs are not to be resold.

Every Vacation Bible School lesson comes with a complete teacher’s guide and a special “Background and Application” study guide.  Full color pictures recommended for lower grade classes are also included.

FREE Blueprint

Huge wall blueprint of the ark.  As our way of saying thanks for purchasing the Noahs Ark Vacation Bible School course, Kremer Resources will include a large poster blueprint for you to display in Noah's workshop.  (Downloaded program orders will have the model shipped separately at no additional charge.)


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CLOSING MUSICAL (click to listen)

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Build a 6' Model Ark!

A big part of this Noahs Ark Vacation Bible School curriculum is to give the students an opportunity to work together in building a fabulous ark model.  The six-foot heavy paper ark is included with the purchase of the course. (Downloaded program orders will have the model shipped separately at no additional charge.)

The Noah's Ark model design includes complete instructions for building the ark, designing the 4' x 8' platform it rests upon, making the animals, and painting an 8' rainbow as a backdrop.  This model should be displayed for friends and visitors on the final day of VBS.  Be certain to take photos of your children or classes standing beside the ark model!


Includes full Noah's ark VBS course reproducible/printable CD PLUS sing-along and full accompaniment CD for the musical.  You will also receive the six-foot ark model and a large wall blueprint of the ark.

Let's Build an Ark VBS



You will instantly download the complete Noah's ark VBS course as would be found on the CD and the music will be in MP3 format.  The ark model and the large wall blueprint will be shipped separately at no additional charge.

Let's Build an Ark VBS (112 MB)


Noah's Ark Vacation Bible School


To add to your youth and adult studies, you may want to present this outstanding 25 minute DVD .  Here you will be shown a fascinating feasibility study of the ark and how it may have been assembled.

Noah's Ark DVD



Blank transfer papers will enable volunteers to print full-color zoo VBS iron-ons for light colored t-shirts. All that is required is an ink-jet printer and a t-shirt. The templates are on the program disc.

NOTE: We no longer stock the blank transfer iron-on paper. This can be found at your local office supply store.


These full color Vacation Bible School posters measure 11” x 17” and are ideal for advertising Noah's ark VBS in your church and throughout the community.

Full Color Posters

$10.00 (6 Pack)


This full color generic banner is ideal for advertising your Bible school to the community.  Banner comes with grommets and is pre-printed on heavy-duty vinyl.  You personalize it with 4” vinyl letter. (Letters are NOT included but can easily be purchased at a local hardware store.) 

Display Promo Banner

Sold Out


Print for yourself doorknob hanger blanks come on 8½” x 11” paper – perforated two-up.  (50 sheets will yield 100 hangers)  Bags hold 5½” x 8½” flyers and come with die-cut hole for easy hanging.

Doorknob Hanger Bags


Doorknob Hangers (Sold Out)


The following three DVD's are generic in nature and do not reflect any one course from Kremer Resources.
DVD songs are not course songs.

Kids Hymnal VBS Sing-a-long DVD

The Kids Hymnal Sing-a-long DVD

Created by: Stephen Elkins
Arranged by: John DeVries

Choose DVD, CD set, or hardcover hymnbooks. Great for your VBS and Sunday School. Grammy-nominated producer Stephen Elkins and Dove Award-winning arranger John DeVries present a timeless collection of 80 hymns, praise and worship selections, Scripture songs, kids’ favorites, and seasonal classics, including:

1. Amazing Grace
2. Jesus Loves Me
3. Fairest Lord Jesus
4. Deep and Wide
5. O Happy Day
6. What a Friend We Have in Jesus
7. And 74 more!

Sing-a-Long DVD


Split Track CD Set


Piano Accompaniment Book


The Kids Hymnal (Melody only - 167 pages)


Brentwood VBS Preschool Praise DVD

Preschool Praise Sing-a-long

Arranged by: Johnathan Crumpton & Luke Gambill

View a VBS Preschool Praise sample song here >

Don't let the title fool you. These classics are enjoyed by kids of ALL ages! These ten sing-along favorites will delight your kids. This CD can be used for any Vacation Bible School program year after year including the Bird Tales VBS.

Listening CD: $16.99
Split-Track Accompaniment CD: $90.00
(with split-track, you can include or exclude song's singers)

Songs include:
1. Down in My Heart
2. He's Got the Whole World
3. Deep and Wide
4. My God Is So Big
5. This Little Light of Mine
6. The B-I-B-L-E
7. This Is the Day
8. I'm In The Lord's Army
9. Only a Boy Named David
10. Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man

VBS Preschool Praise Listening CD


VBS Preschool Praise Split Track Acc. CD



Brentwood VBS Kids Worship DVD

Kid's Worship Sing-a-long

Arranged by: Brian Green & Ed Kee

View a VBS Kid's Worship sample song here >

Although third of a set, this is the first Kid's Worship - and it's GREAT! Each song is actually a medley of a contemporary song coupled with a well-loved traditional hymn. Choose some to sing the introductory song and have the entire assembly join in on the classic hymn tune.  These songs can be used with any Vacation Bible School program including the Firefighter VBS.

Listening CD: $16.99
Split-Track Accompaniment CD: $90.00
(with split-track, you can include or exclude song's singers)

Songs include:
1. Let the Praises Ring with Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
2. My Reeemer Lives with Because He Lives
3. Beautiful One with Isn't He
4. He Reigns with Crown Him with Many Crowns
5. How Great Is Our God with I Sing the Mighty Power of God
6. Friend of God with What a Friend We Have in Jesus
7. All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises with All Creatures of Our God and King
8. Indescribable with Come, Thou Almighty King
9. My Savior, My God with I Stand Amazed in the Presence
10. Only a God Like You with Blessed Be the Name

Kid's Worship Listening CD


Kid's Worship Split Track Acc. CD