Kremer Vacation Bible School Programs
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2014 Vacation Bible School

The Kremer Resources Advantage...
an incredible approach that covers all the basics!

2014 VBS Program Advantages
  • BIBLICAL True to the Word of God! Stories are written to effectively teach a law/gospel lesson truth.
  • RELIABLE  All material is written by reliable, degreed Christian educators!
  • COMPLETE  Everything you will need for a complete course.
  • ECONOMICAL Compare costs with any major 2014 Vacation Bible School publisher and see the savings!
  • RESOURCEFUL  You can't order too much or too little - just print what you will need!
  • ENJOYABLE  Graphics and art work are used extensively! Lots of fun things to do.
  • EASY TO FOLLOW  Everything is simple and concise!
  • TEACHABLE  Usable for new and experienced teachers!
  • REUSABLE  Bring it back to life years from now!
  • EFFECTIVE  Very, very effective!
  • VERSATILE Order either a shipped CD-ROM disc or download immediately.

Kremer VBS Programs are Entirely Reproducible.
What Does This Mean?

With a Kremer Vacation Bible School course, reproducible means REPRODUCIBLE!  You have our permission to make copies of everything within the course including lessons, teacher materials, song disks and sheet music.  All we ask is that you do not share these VBS materials with other churches.

NIV and King James Vacation Bible School Included!

Our VBS programs give you the option to reprint or reproduce the lessons. All of the VBS programs include both King James Vacation Bible School based lessons and New International Version (1984) based lessons.