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"Walk With the Animals"

Walk With the Animals Church Outreach ProgramAbout Kremer Church Community Outreach Programs

Thank you for considering a Kremer church community outreach program for your church or school. Becuase this church community outreach program is fully reproducible, we cannot provide sample pages of the entire program.  We have, however, included the opening introduction page, plus the first and last parts of the program. This should give you a good idea of the service structure. Programs are available as immediate download files or on shipped CD-ROM.

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"Walk With the Animals" Church Community Outreach Program

The event centers around animals. Program ideas include skit presentations, puppet shows, and an exciting diorama of Noah and the ark. The "Walk With the Animals" church community outreach manual includes:

  • Theme outline

  • Ideas, suggestions, and materials

  • Instructions on committee design and meeting schedule

  • Sample press releases, letters, logos, etc.

  • Technical help for sound system

  • Assistance in budgeting time and cost

  • Construction templates for stage and puppet theater

  • Games, prizes, giveaways, and contest suggestions

  • Craft and refreshment ideas

  • Tips for laying out your church campus


The church community outreach program course disc includes the full program manual.

Walk WIth the Animals Manual



You will instantly download the complete church community outreach program course course and receive the same program prodcuts that are on the shipped version.

Walk With the Animals Manual


Walk With the Animals Outreach Program


These 8 1/2" x 11" program blanks can be handed out to visitors as they enter the event grounds. Sold in packs of 100.

Pre-Printed Program Blanks



These full color church community outreach program posters measure 11” x 17” and are ideal for advertising the program in your church and throughout the community.

Full Color Posters

$8.00 (5 Pack)